A Doll's House

What events transform the character of Nora from an enchanting child to a dominating adult?


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When she has to deal with her husband's illness and deal with a debt that she owes, she sets out on her own to set things right. Once she sees that she actually has power, she becomes stronger and decides to do things the way she sees fit and to not be subservient to Helmer.

Nora spent her life (well up until we meet her) as an enchanting child. She was an obedient daughter and an obedient wife. The story opens around Christmas, and Nora is happily decorating her home. She believes everything is wonderful, that the family will soon be free of financial troubles, and then BOOM..... Krogstad arrives and Nora is suddenly forced to grow up.

Unable to continue as the trophy wife, she busies herself with cleaning up her husband's financial mess. Unfortunately, she has lied to him about where the loan originated. She told her husband that she'd borrowed money from her father, but it was really from Krogstad. This enables Krogstad to blackmail her, and she decides to try and borrow money from Dr. Rank (her husband is not ill~ Dr. Rank is dying). Sadly, her flirting with the dying man culminates in his declaration of love. Thus begins another viscious circle.

By the end of the story, Nora has contemplated suicide, been verbally abused by her husband, let off the hook by Krogstad, and then forgiven by her husband in view that she's come through. By this time, Nora has had it. She realizes that she'd been living a lie she has no wish to be a part of. In the midst of being bullied by men who've no respect for her, she grows up and leaves, but she does tell her husband that maybe someday they can live together again in "real" wedlock. The enchanting girl is now a strong woman.


A Doll's House