A Doll's House

The doll's house : discuss the significance of light and dark.what do they represent?

I am making a research about why does Ibsen used light and dark & what does each represent & I have to give it to my teacher tomorrow please help me :) thanks

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Light is used to illustrate Nora's personal journey. After the turning point of Torvald's claim to want to take everything upon himself and while Nora is talking to Dr. Rank, the light begins to grow dark just as Nora sinks to new levels of manipulation. When Dr. Rank reveals his affection, Nora is jolted out of this fantasy world into reality and insists on bringing a lamp into the room, telling the doctor that he must feel silly saying such things with the light on. Light, enlightenment, and shedding light on something all function as metaphors or idioms for understanding.