A Christmas Carol

The ghost of Christmas present uses Bob cratchit's family as an example of generosity,goodwill,and celebration.what do you think scrooge learns from witnessing that family during Christmas.

I don't get it.

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Scrooge learns that people facing hardships both physically and financially can lead happy, productive lives, as long as they're surrounded by love. The Cratchit family thrives on the love and respect they have for one another. Money can't buy love or happiness, and the Cratchits, as well as Scrooge are proof of this.

The Cratchit family teaches Scrooge that money does not define your happiness. He also learns that being a loving person will make you loved.

In the beginning of the book when he find out Marley had just died, he first described him just as a buisness partner and some one who helped him get money and then lastly described him as his friend. This shows that before he met their family, he only cared about money and less about relationships with others. Later on in the story after witnessing the love the Cratchit family have for each other, Scrooge described Marley again, however this time, he first described him as a friend and a buisness partner last which proves they changed his point of view about money and happiness.