A Christmas Carol

in the book A Christmas Carol what moral are Marley and the other ghost trying to convey scrooge

marley and three other ghost wanted to convey scropge

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There are a few different morals that come into play throughout the text. Marley tries to keep Scrooge from his own fate, tries to show him the fate he will face if he continues with his selfish stingy ways. The first spirit reminds Scrooge of the man he once was.... the love of his sister, generosity of his employer, and the hopefulness he once embraced. The second spirit shows Scrooge the present and visually shows him that "money doesn't make you happy." The third spirit urges Scrooge to change his ways..... that it is never too late to make a difference. All in all, the lessons aren't so different, it's the way they're presented.