A Christmas Carol

How does Dickens present the Ghost of christmas future? and even write stuffs like what the ghost of future does in stave 4, where he takes scrooge, how he's dressed, does he talk to scrooge, and what he tells scrooge....... ?

soo basically you have to write everything about "The ghost of christmas future"....... not about any other ghost .

you should write all of this together in 1 paragraph minimum 250 words and should even add points, quatation and analyzing

And i have to submit this work till tomorrow soo can someone please help me doing this.. writing 1 big paragraph and more then 250 words

thank you soo much <3

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I can't do your assignment for you. I can comment that generally the ghost of Christmas future is a solemn grim reaper-type ghost. The ghost is silent and merely points to Scrooge's fate should he not change his ways.

rlly? this is what ur answer is? -_- @Aslan