Winston has acquaintances but how do i explain the 3 relationships and provide evidance whether they are benefical or hurtful to him? how are the relationship's he has with these people benefical or Hurtful?

I'm helping my little cousin and i've never read the book before

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It is difficult to say that, besides Julia, that Winston had an authentic relationship with people. Julia allowed Winston to actually feel emotion. The short time he was with her gave him a glimpse into a world he could only dream of. There was loyalty, sex, friendship, and discussion. Was it worth his eventual capture? That would be up to the reader. Winston had a relationship, so he thought, with O'Brien. O'Brien would be his intellectual and emotional savior: he would open up the world of the brotherhood and the rebellion. O'Brien, a member of the inner party, would turn out to be Winston's torturer. He would "cure" Winston of his "faulty thinking"; he would save Winston from himself. Winston really did not care or like the other people in the novel. He, for example, felt that Syme was too smart for his own good and Parsons was an idiot obsessed with party propaganda.