What traits dose Orwell attribute to the human race at the end of the 20th century

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Are you referring to the state of the human race in the book or the state of the human race in the real world?

In the book

There are two classes of people (outer party and proles) controlled by perhaps a few men called the Inner Party. The Proles represent 85% of the population. The Proles are considered mindless animals by the Outer Party. The Inner Party is not concerned with them as long as they wallow in their own ignorance. The Inner Party controls them by feeding them things like porn, the lottery and cheap alcohol. As long as the Proles are wrapped up in their superficial lives, they won't question politics. The Outer Party are controlled by the party, The Outer Party conforms to the status-quo. They are either completely brainwashed or in fear of committing a thought crime. They mindlessly go about their day doing and saying exactly what is expected of them.