What are the three different levels of vocabulary in Newspeak?

chapter 8

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A vocabulary relates to everyday things.

B vocabulary relates to political and ideological things.

C vocabulary relates to science and technical things.

The A vocabulary contains phrases and words used for everyday purposes like eating, drinking, talking...The meanings of each word are rigid and there are few, if any, synonyms that can be used.

The B vocabulary is related to political or ideological significance. These are absolute meanings designed to convey "truth" and acceptance of dogma presented by the party. Compound words are frequently shortened to simplify conformity to a specific idea. Consider the words "Thought Police" becoming "thinkpol" or the Ministry of Truth becoming "minitru".

The C vocabulary involves science and technical ideas. It is designed to be vague enough so nobody can be an expert in a field beyond what is acceptable to the party. The term "Ingsoc", for example, has a broad spectrum of meanings.