reflect on the political concepts above. how do they apply to the world today? how do they apply to the u.s.

One Ruler Monarchy: rule by one wise person Tyranny: rule by one bad person

Small Group Rule Aristocracy: rule by a few wise people Oligarchy: rule by a few bad people

Mass Rule Polity or “constitutional government”: rule by the people for the good of the whole Democracy: rule by the people for individual selfinterest

Aristotle uses these terms a bit differently from how they are used in the U.S. today. “Collectivism” emphasizes the good of the whole over the individual.

Utopia—A perfect, happy society in which all of humanities problems have been solved.

Anti-Utopia or Dystopia—A nightmare society in which life is as difficult and unhappy as it could be. Often the result of trying to create a utopia.

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