Can anyone tell me what events took place in chapter one of part two of George Orwell's "1984"? I have a hard time pointing them out.

I want to know every significant event that occurred in Chapter one of part two of the book.

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Every major event? You can always go to GradeSaver but by now I have this novel burnt into my brain. I also can't sleep so here are a few points:

-Winston finally sees brunette "spy" walking in a hallway

-Winston helps her up in front of Telescreen

-Girl (Julia) passes folded note to Winston. It says "I love you"

-It actually means "I'll have lots of sex with you", but this happens a bit later.

-Winston and Julia meet in a crowded public square where she discretely gives him directions to a hiding place for next Sunday 3:00pm.

-They hold hand for a few seconds.

-Winston is terrified but feels alive

Oh, Julia does a pretend fall before Winston helps her up. That makes more sense.

That question is so good- it would be a right pity to spoil it with an answer...

Read the book.

And while you read it, make sure each and every part of your brain is lit up like a christmas-tree--

Before asking "How much is two and two"...