Can anyone find the poetic allusion in chapter7 Book one and to what it alludes?

It's a challenge question

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Is it the chestnut tree poem? Consider for what it's worth,

"Under the spreading chestnut tree" A song popular in campfire and community singing in the 20s & 30s. Under the spreading chestnut tree, The village smithy stands. There is film archive somewhere of the Prince of Wales. Oh how happy we would be under the spreading chestnut tree. Under the spreading chestnut tree I sold you and you sold me. UNDER a spreading chestnut tree : The village smithy stands; The smith, a mighty man is he, With large and sinewy hands; And the muscles of his brawny arms. Is the song 'Under the Spreading Chestnut-Tree' in George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four" based on, or an allusion to, any English folk song or nursery rhyme known at."