12 Angry Men

What are the different communication styles of each juror? Who comes closest to your own style of communication? (Calm reasoning, emotional appeals, plain shouting …..)

12 angry men

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The architect contributed ideas.

Juror 3- angry, loud opinionated

Juror 4- opinionated, nervous motion (he tends to pace the room), serious, logical

Juror 5- reasonable, uses his own experiences to make his arguments.

Juror 9- would be seen as the mediator, the man who brings harmony to the process. He is older, retired, and he stands up for what he believes in without flinching.

Jurors 12 and 7 are the followers of the group. They simply go along with whoever is talking at the moment.

Juror 2- calm, shy, quiet

Juror 10- angry, loud


12 Angry Men