12 Angry Men

List 3 pieces of evidence that the jurors use to change their vote.

3 pieces of evidence

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 The 4th Juror explains that, on the night of the murder, the boy bought a uniquely carved switchblade knife identical to the one used in the murder. The boy claims that he lost it that night, before coming home to find his father dead. 4th Juror presents the death weapon, the “only one of its kind;” 8th Juror surprises the others by presenting an identical knife he had purchased in a pawn shop two blocks from where the boy lived a few nights prior, shattering the claim that the knife was unique and identifiable.

8th Juror presents several hypothetical situations, based on the father’s criminal background, that could have gotten him killed that evening.

8th Juror concludes by saying that even if the old man did hear him say, “I’m gonna kill you,” that very well could be taken out of context as just a figure of speech.

The 11th Juror raises the question of why the boy would return home, several hours after his father had been murdered, if he had been the one to murder him.