12 Angry Men

Did you see any examples of a character communicating only with body language? Who was it? Explain the scene and what they were trying to communicate?


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I think Juror number 8 and Juror number 3 used body language. While juror 8 was calm and thoughtful, Juror 3 was animated and angry. Consider this scene at the end of Act 2. 


Juror #8: [baiting him] I feel sorry for you. What it must feel like to want to pull the switch! Ever since you walked into this room, you've been acting like a self-appointed public avenger. You want to see this boy die because you *personally* want it, not because of the facts! You're a sadist!
[#3 lunges wildly at #8, who holds his ground. Several jurors hold #3 back]
Juror #3: I'll kill him! I'll - *kill him!*