Zlateh the Goat Themes

Zlateh the Goat Themes


Zlateh has been in the family for 12 years, all her life, and she got used to human beings and always trusted them, “she knew that they always fed her and never did her any harm”. Trust of an animal surely cannot be compared to the trust between people, but Zlateh was more than just an animal, she was a member of a family. From the context we know that both she and Aaron were 12 years old, and it is quite a period to become a friend. When Aaron put a cord around her neck and led her to the direction unfamiliar for her, she did not disobey, even though she had “uncomfortable feeling of where Aaron was taking her” she did not resist. As has been said, trust between people cannot been compared to the trust of an animal, but ironic becomes the fact that it is trust of an animal the grown-up should learn from.


The reason the family decided to sell Zlateh is money they needed for the Hanukkah holidays. Money plays an important role in people’s lives, but it is the main source of evil and acts that more than often are regretted. And it is what the author wants to say – the family was ready to get rid of an animal, which has been living with them for 12 years! Another reason was surely that she gave little milk, but some perspective of her age should be taken into account. And it was her milk that had saved Aaron from hunger. So, money is not the most important thing, and it is not worth to give something more important, but sometimes something terrible must happen for people to remind of this.

Warmth and comfort

Weather in the story gives a strong impression of cold and dreary, but when Zlateh and Aaron find a shelter in the haystack the atmosphere of comfort produces feelings of warmth and relaxation. They are wrapped in the hay, which smells of grass and summer and they feel happy. And in the end of the story, when Hanukkah celebrations came, the same cozy atmosphere reigns in their house.

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