Zlateh the Goat Quotes


“We must accept all that God gives us – heat, cold, hunger, satisfaction, light, and darkness”


Life is very unpredictable, and there are cases when one cannot know what to expect, but nevertheless everything is given for a reason. There are circumstances when one may easily lose his belief in justice, and consider something to be unfair, and rebel against it. But, as they say, everything what is done is done for the best, and it is the main concept the author puts into these words. People should be less judgmental, and accept what fate sends them, because there always is a reason. And such situations turn out to be of great importance and full with morality, like the one that happened with Zlateh and Aaron.

“Her body gave forth an animal warmth, and Aaron cuddled up to her. He had always loved Zlateh, but now she was like a sister”


Zlateh has provided Aaron with everything necessary for saving his life, and he became even more attached to her than he used to. When Aaron thinks of Zlateh as a sister it brings their relationship on the next level where he considers her as equal. This equality shows that no matter who you are, where are you from, and even are you an animal or a human, important thing is to stick together, to help each other and find a comfort in one another.

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