Year of Wonders


In what ways was Elinor a me mentor to Anna?

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Elinor Mompellion is the preacher’s wife and Anna’s closest friend in Year of Wonders. She is kind and even-tempered, and her wealthy childhood afforded her the luxury of being well-read and versed in a number of languages. However, Elinor gave up her life of affluence after marrying Michael Mompellion. She is grateful to Michael for marrying her, though it is slowly revealed that their marriage is not as fulfilling as it appears. Along with Anna, Elinor works through the scientific method to create tonics and medicines to help cure the plague and prevent it from spreading. Though she is a preacher’s wife and is highly religious, she knows that the medicinal properties of plants are the key to solving the plague problem -- and are perhaps more important than religious fervor.