Wuthering Heights


1847 edition

The original 1847 text is available online in two parts, as published by Thomas Cautley Newby.[15][16] Emily's novel was first published together with Anne Brontë's Agnes Grey in a three-volume format; Wuthering Heights occupied the first two volumes, while Agnes Grey made up the third.

1850 edition

In 1850 a second edition of Wuthering Heights was due for republishing, Charlotte Brontë edited the original text published by Thomas Cautley Newby, including punctuation, spelling errors and Joseph's thick Yorkshire dialect. Writing to her publisher W.S. Williams, she mentions that "It seems to me advisable to modify the orthography of the old servant Joseph’s speeches; for though, as it stands, it exactly renders the Yorkshire dialect to a Yorkshire ear, yet I am sure Southerns must find it unintelligible; and thus one of the most graphic characters in the book is lost on them." An essay written by Irene Wiltshire on dialect and speech in the novel compares some of the edits Charlotte made to the original 1847 edition.[17]

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