Wuthering Heights

Possible Themes within Wuthering Heights


Possible Themes within Wuthering Heights:  (This is not an exhaustive list.)  Provide an explanation of how the theme operates within the novel.  Use complete sentences and specific examples / quotes to support your conclusions.  Make sure to interpret your quotes.

1. The conflict between good and evil    

2. The nature of love   

3. The darkness of the human soul   

4. Civility (rationality) versus passion    

5. The clash between different social classes   

6. The search for a higher emotional existence   

7. The patriarchal family (family hierarchy) and the role of children   

8. The effects of intense suffering and emotional pain 

9. Confinement and escape from circumstances   

10. Displacement and exile   

11. Communication and understanding

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5.  The clash between different social classes.The social class of Heathcliff is much lower than the class of the family who "adopts" him.  His very passionate, almost violent nature is in sharp contrast to the men of his adoptive family who are much more refined.  Catherine, who does not have the refined manner of her other family members is also in a clash with her higher-class family, and her love for Heathcliff is filled with a passion which is never truly fulfilled before her death.