Wuthering Heights

compare and contrast catherine earnshaw and her daughter

Already have that Catherine was cruel and Cathy was loving and that they were both beautiful.

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Netty tells us that Cathy is only like her mother Catherine in two distinct ways;

her peculiar eyes and "haughty" expression.

Individually, Catherine is said to have been a bit of a rebel. She also desired social status, something that led her to marry Edgar, who will do anything to keep his wife happy. She is spoiled and thoughtless. Note, her decisions set the course for the rest of the novel.

Cathy, like her mother, is head strong and spoiled, but she is also tender and loving. Never having known her mother, she was a daddy's girl. Unlike Catherine, Cathy was compassionate and caring... generous and kind, as is evident in her treatment of those around her.


Wuthering Heights