Wordsworth's Poetical Works

without moses there would have been no prophecy in israel and without elijah it would have died a natural death

form 6 divinity

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It is true that without Moses there would have been no prophecy in Israel,and also that without Elija it would have died.Moses was the first prophet to possess the Mosaic convent which carried the ten commandments...he was also the first prophet to see God's face for their friendship was very strong..prophecy without elijah would have died,,it is true,if there wasn't elijah baalism would have not stopped in Israel,,thus apostacy religious syncretism...the contest at mount camel played a major role in making people realise that only God is alive and there to meet the peoples needs,.not worshipping idols

Yes without elijah prophecy would have died because he was confident of Gods power and stood against the 850 prophets of baal and Asherah and defeated them.in such a scenario it is even said that some prophets were hiding in fear of their lives.


Biblical evidence

"Without Moses prophecy could not have been born and without Elijah it could have died " Discuss


BW Anderson textbook

withou moses prophecy would not have been born this is because he was the first to enter into a covernant on behalf of a nation with yahweh