Wordsworth's Poetical Works

What effect does the song of the Reaper have on the poet?

This question is from the Solitary Reaper

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The narrator (Hemingway?) is listening to a Highland girl reaping grain in the field and singing a song. It is difficult to know what this song is about (it’s in another language) but Hemmingway is more concerned with the scene. Hemmingway was in love with nature and the simplicity of a scene. The narrator is in awe of the captivating singing. The girl, the lonely reaper, is beautiful in her simplicity. Together with the natures majesty the valley vibrates with this mournful, pure and enchanting sound. The speaker speculates on the meaning of the song but then ceases to wonder. The song seems to transcend time and space; it is art in its purest form and the speaker keeps it in his heart.

The poet was spell bound by the sweetness of the song of the solitary reaper. though he could not understand the language of the song,he stored there motoinless and captivated enjoying the melodies song.It fascinated him so much that he carried its sweet melody in his heart for a long time