Wide Sargasso Sea

Comparison of Wide Sargasso Sea and Jane Eyre

I have to type a 8-10 page paper about a topic so i chose the comparison of wide sargasso sea and jane eyre. I read wide sargasso sea and i know little detail about jane eyre and was wondering what i should say in the paper .. please help!!

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THis is a pretty good site for this. I'll put the source link below. Here is an excerpt,

"The majority of the comparisons of Brontë's novel to that by Rhys concern the ways characters in Wide Sargasso Sea differ from their depictions in Jane Eyre. The differing, if obviously related, characterization of Rhys' Bertha/Antoinette to Brontë's madwoman in the attic has prompted most discussion, but critics also emphasize the modern novelist's rewriting of her predecessor's Rochester and Grace Poole. Readers also compare Antoinette Cosway to Jane Eyre herself."