White Fang

In chapter 4 how does the famine end for the wolves?

Chapter 4 Part 2

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The she-wolf and her cub were the only remaining wolves; they became thin hunting for food. As a last resort, the mother wolf raids the lair of the lynx and feasts on the small lynx kittens. Not surprisingly, the mother lynx appears at the wolves' cave entrance. The she-wolf is no match for the lynx until the gray cub intervenes, grabbing the hind leg of the lynx between his teeth. Together, they subdue their adversary but the cost is high. The cub has a gash down to the bone on his shoulder and his mother is near death. For a week they are unable to leave their lair, but when they do the cub is now armed with knowledge of life. "Life itself is meat. Life lived on life. There were eaters and the eaten. The law was EAT OR BE EATEN."