White Fang

from white fang

analyze how the setting of the story influences the plot

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Throughout White Fang, Jack London uses the theme of naturalism. Naturalism is directly related to the setting , the natural environment. London felt that man and other creatures were victims of their heredity and environment. The environmental theme is signaled at the onset of White Fang as London vividly describes the landscape, paradoxically combining a foreboding animism with a sinister desolation. White Fang must leave his pampered life in California to endter the harsh natural setting that will truly define him. White Fang's heredity is carefully defined, "one-fourth dog, three-fourths wolf," leading up to the struggle within him between his civilized impulses and his wild ones. London is also particularly careful to adhere to established facts of a wolf's life cycle in White Fang's early years.