White Fang

Explain the LAW OF MEAT (code of survival) as learned by the cub. Why was it important to survive of the animals NOT to "think about the law"?


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From the text:

He began to accompany his mother on the meat-trail, and he saw much of the killing of meat and began to play his part in it.  And in his own dim way he learned the law of meat.  There were two kinds of life—his own kind and the other kind.  His own kind included his mother and himself.  The other kind included all live things that moved.  But the other kind was divided.  One portion was what his own kind killed and ate.  This portion was composed of the non-killers and the small killers.  The other portion killed and ate his own kind, or was killed and eaten by his own kind.  And out of this classification arose the law.  The aim of life was meat.  Life itself was meat.  Life lived on life.  There were the eaters and the eaten.  The law was: EAT OR BE EATEN.  He did not formulate the law in clear, set terms and moralise about it.  He did not even think the law; he merely lived the law without thinking about it at all.


White Fang