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by Jack London

After receiving rave reviews for his book The Call of the Wild in 1904, Jack London became very enthusiastic about a new idea for a book that would not be a sequel but a "companion" to The Call of the Wild. "I'm going to reverse the process," he wrote to his publisher. "Instead of the devolution of…

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How are the wolves able to get the sled dogs away from the safety of fire?

The pack of wolves drags one dog away while the men are asleep.

The wolves attack when each dog goes for a drink in a stream.

A female wolf starts a fight with a dog and leads it away.

A female wolf that is part husky acts playful and lures each dog away.

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At the beginning of the book, why is Henry left alone?

At the beginning of the book, why is Henry left alone?

Best Answer --> A. The other dogs and his partner, Bill, are eaten by wolves.

He is abandoned by the dogs, which run away.

He strikes out on his own to find food, is pursued by wolves, and is trapped.

He loses his way.

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