Where the Red Fern Grows

What is the summary for the first hunt in the championship runoff?


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At sundown, Billy, Papa, Grandpa, and a judge travel downriver in their buggy to get away from the previously hunted territory, as do the other hunters. The dogs soon track a coon but chase it back through the camp. Still, they soon tree it and, with the help of the bird shot rifle, kill it. They soon tree and kill another coon, though Grandpa gets wet in a river.

The dogs quickly track another coon and seemingly tree it, but the coon pulls a trick and is nowhere to be found. Still, the dogs, and Billy, do not give up. As morning comes, the dogs tree and kill the coon. Little Ann's intelligence in locating the coon greatly impresses the judge.

Back at the camp, another hunter describes seeing the dogs chase the coon through the camp last night. No one skins three coons the last night of the first round, leaving just three teams for the championship runoff. The camp puts together a jackpot for the winner. One of the teams Billy is up against has won four gold cups.

In the final round, Billy's team revisits the spot where they treed the last coon. The dogs quickly get in a vicious fight in the water with a coon, but Old Dan defeats him. The dogs tend to each other's wounds before they move on.



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