Where the Red Fern Grows

what is chapter x about


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Mama makes Billy a cap out of his first coon hide. He hunts every night, and his dogs prove excellent hunters. Billy turns the money he earns from the hides over to his father. When he gives the hides to Grandpa, Grandpa always notes something down on a piece of paper, though he doesn't explain why. On Saturdays, Billy swaps hunting stories with other hunters. The hunters make fun of his dogs, but know Little Ann and Old Dan are the best.

Billy discovers Old Dan will not hunt if he is not with Little Ann. Little Ann becomes the favorite of Billy's sisters. Unfortunately, because of her small size, Little Ann cannot have puppies.

One night, while they hunt a boar coon, Little Ann saves Old Dan's life by alerting Billy to an underground muskrat den that Old Dan has trapped himself in. Another night, Old Dan himself gets caught up in a tree, and Billy has to use some ingenuity to get him down.