Where the Red Fern Grows

From chapter 15-20

From this section of the novel, Billy, his family,and his dogs face many life-threatening situations.

I need 4 problems with 4 outcomes.

Thanks a lot for your help!!!

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Billy enters the hunting competition. It is a real struggle but Billy ends up winning it.

Grandpa encourages Billy to enter one of his dogs into the contest for best-looking hound, though Billy does not think his dogs have a chance. Still, the next day he grooms Little Ann and enters her in the contest. Little Ann wins, and Billy receives a silver cup.

The dogs quickly track another coon and seemingly tree it, but the coon pulls a trick and is nowhere to be found. Still, the dogs, and Billy, do not give up. As morning comes, the dogs tree and kill the coon. Little Ann's intelligence in locating the coon greatly impresses the judge.

Suddenly, Old Dan's voice rings out nearby, and they find him bawling by a tree. When they reach him, they realize that Grandpa has been left behind somewhere. They shoot the gun, but get no answer. Little Ann finds Grandpa and leads them to him. He has fallen and twisted his ankle, and the pain has knocked him unconscious. Papa revives Grandpa's partly frozen body, and they build a fire nearby. Papa wants to go for help, but Grandpa urges them to continue the hunt.



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