Where the Red Fern Grows

describe the scene in which the dogs are fighting


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The protagonist hears dogs fighting and cannot help but to get caught up in the dog fight. During the fight, Billy witnesses one specific dog that is the target of all of the fighting. The dog fends off all of the other dogs and it reminds Billy of a time when he was younger... I'll try to get you a quote.

Billy describes the fight as "boiling out of the alley". He says that they are a snarling, growling, slashing mass...."

We're at the beginning of the story, and Billy is on his way home from work. He happens upon a group of dogs fighting, one is an old red coonhound that reminds him of his childhood companions. He stops the fight by chasing the other dogs away, and then coaxes the older dog from underneath a hedge. The dog is injured and hungry, but has a collar. The dog's name is Buddy; he brings him home....... feeds and abthes him, and then sets him free. Buddy has reminded him of his youth.


Where the Red Fern Grows