Where the Red Fern Grows

Describe the run off of the winning teams....HELP!

Describe the run off of the winning teams....HELP!

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The storm blows itself out, and it starts snowing. The men (minus Grandpa) hear men from the camp searching for them. They meet up and Papa reassures them that they are fine, but that Grandpa needs help. Billy learns that the four-time championship winners killed three coons before the storm, and that he needs the final coon to win. A man who had wandered away returns and says he saw Billy's hounds looking frozen solid in ice, but alive. While Billy recovers from the shock of thinking his dogs are dead, the men help Grandpa into a makeshift stretcher and take him away.

Billy and two of the men find his dogs. Caked in ice, they have been circling continuously around the tree to keep from freezing. The men build a fire for them, and marvel at the determination and love of the dogs throughout the blizzard. After the dogs thaw out, one of the men shoots at the tree. The dogs kill the coon, and the men return to the camp. All the men are ready to leave for fear of another blizzard.

Grandpa's foot is in bad shape, but he wants to see Billy get the gold cup before he is taken to town for treatment. Billy receives the $300 jackpot and gives it to his father. Billy cries when he gets the gold cup, which he can engrave for free with his dogs' names.