Weep Not, Child

give reasons to justify the activities of mau mau in "weep not child"

the mau mau group stands as the rebellious group

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Kenya was made a British protectorate in 1895. The region’s rich soil and natural resources were appealing to the expanding British empire, and many colonists went there hoping to become rich (although, as the novel points out, individuals often had personal motivations as well). However, a fierce native defence required the British to violently annex the areas they wanted. Very few Africans were allowed to own land, whereas a relatively small number of British settlers held most of the country's land. Land ownership is especially important in the culture of the Gikuyu, the largest tribe in Kenya. Naturally, therefore, the British land policy caused great frustration among many tribes. They became even more upset when their young men were drafted to fight in the First and Second World Wars, wars that they considered unrelated to their own concerns. When their service went unrewarded, tensions grew even greater.You can read more about the Mau Mau revolt below,