Spoiling Walden

This is from the story "Spoiling Walden" by david gessner.

Reread lines 15-17. What do these lines explain about Gessner's approach tot he topic? Support your answer with explicit textual evidence.

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Gessner is having the topic period. In these lines, we can see that he is adamantly against the use of turbines in this area because they are a threat to the wildlife, particularly birds.

So of course when someone -- a businessman no less -- suggests that he wants to place 130 wind turbines -- bird-killing turbines! -- in Nantucket Sound off the shores of my Walden, I react with outrage. Not in my backyard? Not in my backyard! This is a sacred place, a place apart, and if this is a sacred place then these wind turbines are, as I tell anyone who will listen, a desecration.


Spoiling Walden