Walden Two

Walden Code

The community members are happy, productive, and creative; happiness derives from the promotion of rich social relationships and more inclusive, non-nuclear family life; amazingly limited work hours; communal child-raising; free affection; the creation of art, music, and literature; opportunity for games of chess and tennis; and ample rest, food, and sleep. The community is self-governed, with the members subscribing to the Walden Code of self-control techniques, which allow them to maintain a happy, productive life in Walden Two with minimal strain. Self-governance, however, can also be supplemented with community counselors who supervise behavior and are available to help the members with any problems in following the Walden Code. Many of the Walden Code's rules, such as a general mandate to avoid expressions of personal gratitude, may seem quite odd to members of mainstream American society, but have proved to be effective social-relational strategies in the long run.

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