Waiting for Godot


  1. ^ The implication here is that nothing is an action that this pair will spend the rest of the play performing. For this reason, Beckett objected strongly to the sentence being rendered "Nothing doing".[6]
  2. ^ Vladimir and Estragon are not even sure what day it is. Throughout the play, experienced time is attenuated, fractured, or eerily non-existent. Contrarily, the character Pozzo, however, prominently wears and takes note of his watch.
  3. ^ Roger Blin, who acted in and directed the premier of Waiting for Godot, teasingly described Lucky to Jean Martin (who played him) as "a one-line part".[9]
  4. ^ Vladimir appears to have a small epiphany here, perhaps somewhat connecting the song's circular format to his own living out the same day over and over. Eugene Webb has written of Vladimir's song that[11] "Time in the song is not a linear sequence, but an endlessly reiterated moment, the content of which is only one eternal event: death."

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