Waiting for Godot


as i read all the discussion above, i noticed that godot doesnt mean 'god'. i read samuel backett say it doesnt mean god. but, as i go through as much info i got from the internet, the theme of this play closely related with it, 'god'. from my own interpretation also, the theme of this play concerns with human hope and waiting 'god' that never shows. can we have other interpretation aside what backett mentions? maybe godot have dual meaning?

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"Beckett once asserted: 'I produce an object. What people make of it is not my concern [...]" 'The key word in my plays is "perhaps"'.

i cited this quote from http://www.samuel-beckett.net/Godot_Endgame_Worton.html.

you all know what this mean?

my lecturer once said, there is no right or wrong answer regarding literature.. writer make a poem, theatre, or novel to be enjoyed and it is up to individual how to interpret it.