Film adaptations and influence in popular culture

  • Viy (1967 film), a faithful Soviet adaptation by Georgi Kropachyov and Konstantin Yershov.
  • Witch (2006 film), a Russian horror film very loosely based on the story.
  • Evil Spirit ; VIY (2008 film), a South Korean horror film by Park Jin-seong based on the story.
  • Viy (2014 film), a Russian dark fantasy film very loosely based on the story.

Several other works draw on the short story:

  • Mario Bava's film Black Sunday is loosely based on "Viy".
  • The 1990 Yugoslav film Sveto mesto (A Holy Place) is also based on Nikolai Gogol's short story.
  • In the 1978 film Piranha, a camp counselor retells Viy's climactic identification of Khoma as a ghost story.
  • One of the boss enemies in La-Mulana is a demon named Viy, who is extremely massive and requires the help of small flying demons in order to open his eye.

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