Vanka Background

Vanka Background

Anton Chekhov devoted a lot of stories to life of ordinary people, of unknown, obscure and miserable ones. One such deep and sad works is "Vanka" - the story of the tragic fate of a peasant boy.

It was written in 1886 and first published in the "St. Petersburg Newspaper" on December 25 at the "Christmas Stories" category.

The main acting character is a boy of nine Vanka Zhukov, who for three months has been on learning at the shoemaker Alyahina. Vanka is an orphan: his mother Pelageya died, the author does not mention about the father in the story. The only native person for Vanka was his grandfather Constantine Makarych.

In 1981 a puppet cartoon “Vanka Zhykov” has been filmed at the studio “Kyiv Science Film”.

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