Uncle Vanya Background

Uncle Vanya Background

"Uncle Vanja" is a play by Anton Chekhov with the subtitle "Scenes of rural life in four acts." Finally completed in 1896.

In 1889, Chekhov finished piece "Goblin" (a comedy in four acts), published in 1890, which was later, after the writing of "The Seagull", remade in the play "Uncle Vanja".

In the original version ("Goblin") it was set on 27 December 1889 at the theater “Abramova”, Moscow.

The action takes place in the estate of the first wife of Professor Serebryakov, where he was temporarily forced to live without being able to afford a decent apartment in the city. Many years Uncle Vanya is watching after the manor.

In the play "Uncle Vanja" Chekhov depicted a modest man, a hard worker, whose life and destiny became the embodiment of dying in vain spiritual beauty, meaningless life lived. Voinitsiy had in his life purposes and ideals, but they proved to be false.

Critics, Chekhov's contemporaries recognized the play the final artistic masterpiece.

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