Twelve Years a Slave

Pg. 59

Why is Burch angry at Solomon?

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Solomon forgets himself and responds to Goodin's question about where he was from in honesty. He admits to being from New York.... a free state. This angers Burch.

Well, boy, where did you come from?" Forgetting myself, for a moment, I answered, "From New-York."

"New-York! H--l! what have you been doing up there?" was his astonished interrogatory.

Observing Burch at this moment looking at me with an angry expression that conveyed a meaning it was not difficult to understand, I immediately said, "O, I have only been up that way a piece," in a manner intended to imply that although I might have been as far as New-York, yet I wished it distinctly understood that I did not belong to that free State, nor to any other.


Twelve Years a Slave