Twelfth Night

What is the advice that Sir Toby gives about the letter he wants sir andrew to compose?And is it good advice?...explain (Act 3 Scene 2)

Act 3 scene 2

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I suppose it is "good" as far as manly stereotypes in Elizabethan England go. Here are Sir Toby's tips for a manly letter of challenge!

-Make handwriting look soldierly.

-Be brief and to the point.

-Be eloquent and creative.

-Taunt and insult him. Use "thou", that will really get him riled up!



Where is this quoted?

"Go, write it in a martial hand. Be curst and brief. It is no matter how witty, so it be eloquent and full of invention. Taunt him with the license of ink. If thou “thou”-est him some thrice, it shall not be amiss; and as many lies as will lie in thy sheet of paper, although the sheet were big enough for the bed of Ware in England, set 'em down. Go, about it. Let there be gall enough in thy ink, though thou write with a goose-pen, no matter. About it."