Tuesdays With Morrie

what influences/ events caused Mitch to re-evaluate how he was living his life? Explain using details from the movie.

use details from movie

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I didn't even know this book had been made into a movie. None-the-less, this is primarily a literature forum. According to the novel, when Mitch finally visits Morrie, Morrie tells him that he has become more interesting to people now that he is dying. He uses the metaphor of a bridge to describe where he stands in life: somewhere between being very alive and being dead. He says he is on his last great journey. Mitch faces an internal struggle at this point. He had been giving a warm welcome by Morrie, despite his lack of contact for sixteen years. Mitch constantly asks himself, “What happened to me?” He realizes he was too busy chasing a paycheck over the last decade and a half.


Tuesdays With Morrie