Treasure Island

What has made Captain Smollett uneasy about this voyage? chapter 9.

Chapter 9

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He doesn't like the crew. He finds them undisciplined and rebellious.

anything else that would be of use ?

Hey, here are some details of exactly why Smollett is not happy about this crew and the voyage,

Captain Smollett has the following complaints:

He doesn't know why he's being kept in the dark about the Hispaniola's destination by Squire Trelawney;

He has found out that their goal is a treasure hunt – from his own crew, who know more than he does;

He's worried that neither Doctor Livesey nor Squire Trelawney really knows what he is doing;

He would have preferred to hire his own crew; and

he mistrusts Mr. Arrow, his first mate, who seems too friendly with the crew to be a good officer.

To this list of complaints Captain Smollett adds some really serious objections: the crew seems to be stockpiling gunpowder in a place that is handier for them to reach than for the Captain.

Also, Squire Trelawney has been talking way too much, and some of the private details of the treasure map have clearly spread throughout the crew.


what precautions do the doctor and captain come up with?

Doctor Livesey isn't convinced of the Sqire's assumption that Smollett is a moron. The doctor and Squire Trelawney decide to put a few safeguards in.

-Instead of allowing all the officers to be quartered at one end of the ship, they set up places to sleep throughout the boat. Spreading themselves out will prevent the crew from ambushing them all in one place.

-Captain Smollett also manages to get Squire Trelawney to move the gunpowder so it isn't all centralized near the crew.