Treasure Island

under what conditions did Jim meet john silver?

Treasure island part -2

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At the beginning of chapter 8, the squire sends Jim to the "spy-glass" to deliver a note to the new captain of the ship, Long John Silver. Jim harbors suspicions that the man he is sent to look for might be the one-legged man that Billy Bones was wary of, but upon meeting him, he is assured by his calm, cheerful manner that this is not the same man. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, Jim sees Black Dog run out of the tavern. Again, his suspicions that Long John Silver is the same pirate that Billy Bones was so terrified of resurface. Long John Silver, however, surprises Jim by being angry and upset over the sudden flight of Black Dog. He sends someone to catch him and then sets off to see Livesey and the squire, promising to report the incident to them.