Treasure Island

treasure isldnd

what kind of person is Dr.Livesey?

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From the moment that Dr. Livesey appears in Treasure Island, he is depicted as an arbitrator who is fair, intelligent, fearless, and well-organized. As he becomes involved in the treasure hunt, he also shows consideration and kindness to Jim, thus, becoming one of many surrogate parental figures to Jim in the course of the novel. Dr. Livesey is also a narrator of the novel (although only for a few chapters). These chapters are not nearly as colorful or as emotionally charged as the chapters that are narrated by the younger Jim. His descriptions further his characterizations as a scientist, who is most concerned with curing the sick (he repeatedly mentions the malaria present in the swamps). Dr. Livesy is also extremely concerned with fairness to all, as his concern about the pirates that they had to leave behind demonstrates.