Treasure Island

talk about the fighting that happened and who won?

chappter 14

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Another great description in this chapter is of the murder of Alan. Alan is being forced to join the pirates despite his protests. Because Jim does not witness this murder, he is forced to describe the murder through primarily sounds, including the yell of the victim, the rustle of birds, the boom of the surf, and finally, silence. Everything else is left to both the imagination of the reader and of the young narrator. Silver is also converting another sailor Tom to joining the pirates. Tom starts to walk away, but Silver reacts very angrily, throwing a tree branch at him which makes him fall to the ground. The one-legged Silver, devoid of his crutch, is still able to swiftly move to Tom and stick him with a knife not once, but twice.I suppose the pirates win if you consider killing would be converts winning.