Touching Spirit Bear

What is Cole’s idea to cure Peter’s depression? How does Edwin react to this suggestion? Do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not? What could possibly go wrong or right with this ‘cure”?

chapter 25 of touching spirit bear

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Cole believes that he can help Peter heal if he could come and stay with him on the island. Edwin questions whether Cole has really changed, and Cole answers that he would stay on the island a lifetime if it meant that Peter would get better and feel better. In reading the previous chapters, we know that Cole has undergone an enormous change in his own life and is willing to help Peter as a result. Peter's ability to heal in Cole's company is questionable, but we cannot help but feel that the experience might have positive effects. In contrast, we also wonder if being on a remote island in Cole's company might have adverse effects and worsen Peter's condition. None-the-less, I think it's worth taking a chance.