Touching Spirit Bear

Describe the the main character, the plot, the setting, and the time period of the story.

Describe the the main character, the plot, the setting, and the time period of the story.

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This is quite a bit. I'm going to link you with the GradesSaver site which will tell you all you need to know. If you need anything in particular just E back!


Main Character:

Cole Matthews is a troubled 15 year old boy, who is also a convicted juvenile delinquent. He hails from Minneapolis, and at the beginning of our story has been apprehended and put in a detention home for beating classmate Peter Driscal. Completely frustrated, his parents are at the point of simply giving up on him; his father beats him; his mother fails to intervene.

Cole himself feels no remorse for the things he's done, he's angry and seems intent upon staying that way. The anger he feels at his parents is almost immeasurable, but he acts no differently towards others than he does toward them, even the people who are only trying to help him.

The author used the settings of British Columbia and Alaska for the novel. "Circle Justice" is a concept, not a place. Cole is sent to Alaska to take part in this Native American tradition to find his path to healing and forgiveness.

I haven't been able to find an exact time period, actually I never thought about that question. Without doubt it's contemporary.

Cole Matthews is full of anger, rage and hate. He takes this rage out against Alex Driscal by smashing his head against the sidewalk and leaving him with permanent brain damage. Instead of jail, Cole is offered Circle Justice which is a Native American tradition that involves the healing of more than just the offender. The circle must include the offender, the victim and his family, and community members. Cole takes circle justice as opposed to a jail sentence, but his heart is really not in it. He blames his alcoholic mom and his abusive dad for his behavior and his anger.

Plot summary; cited below:

"Cole is sentenced to spend one year alone on a remote Alaskan island. Once there, he thinks he can escape, but only succeeds in burning all his supplies and being mauled by a legendary white bear. He is severely injured, but now begins to realize that his anger put him in this position. Cole is rescued and after he recovers from his injuries, agrees to return to the island to try once again. During this second attempt to live on the island, Cole learns to overcome his hatred and anger with the help of Native American animal dances, ritual baths, and time alone."