Touching Spirit Bear

Cole decides that he can now do the anger dance. When he is doing it, he screams “Please forgive me! I didn’t mean to hurt Peter!” Explain the anger dance.

Chapter 23

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Anger Dance

Edwin tells Cole that he must dance the anger dance in order to fully heal his anger, but he must be ready for it. When Cole does dance it, he reenacts the attack of the Spirit Bear. He dances for longer than he ever had before and feels an immense sense of relief afterwards.

In Chapter 23, Cole completes the anger dance, which Edwin had described as the most important dance, and it gives him the crucial insight that the way to release his anger is to forgive. He relives the Spirit Bear mauling during the dance of anger, but with a completely different feel because he approaches it with an attitude of forgiveness. The reader is shocked by the total transformation occurring in Cole. 


In Chapter 23.... Life has given everyone something unique, be smart enough to figure it out and use it properly.